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Full Papers (12)

 5An efficient approach for Privacy Preserving distributed K-Means clustering based on Shamir’s secret sharing  
 16A Provenance-based Trust Model for Delay Tolerant Network  
 19From subjective reputation to verifiable experiences  -- augmenting peer-control mechanisms for open service ecosystems 
 22Trust Model for Optimized Cloud Services 
 24Post-Session Authentication 
 27Robustness of Trust Models and Combinations for Handling Unfair Ratings 
 28Perturbation based privacy preserving Slope One predictors for collaborative filtering 
 29Incorporating Honeypot for Intrusion Detection in Cloud Infrastructure 
 33Integrating Indicators of Trustworthiness into Reputation-based Trust Models Insurance, Certification, and Coalitions 
 34Trust Transitivity and Conditional Belief Reasoning 
 37Co-evolving trust mechanisms for catering user behavior 
 39Finding Trusted Publish/Subscribe Trees 

Short Papers (8)

 8An Incentive Mechanism to Promote Honesty in E-marketplaces with Limited Inventory 
 10Collaborative Trust Evaluation for Wiki Security 
 25How Events Affect Trust:  A Baseline Information Processing Model with Three Extensions 
 36Automated Evaluation of Annotators for Museum Collections using Subjective Logic 
 43A New Data Integrity Checking Protocol with Public Verifiability in Cloud Storage 
 45Improvements over Extended LMAP+: RFID Authentication Protocol 
 48Rendering unto Caesar the Things that are Caesar’s: Complex Trust Models and Human Understanding 
 49Trust Management Framework for attenuation of Application Layer DDoS Attack in Cloud Computing