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Dr. Theo Dimitrakos, UK

Dr  Theo  Dimitrakos  has  over  15  years  experience  in  ICT  including  10  years  experience  in  Trust  and Information Security. He is a Chief Security Researcher in BT UK, where he leads internal research and innovation  programmes  and  international  research  collaboration  activities  in  Trust  and  Security  for Cloud  Computing,  Federated  Identity  and  Access  Management,  Intrusion  Prevention  and  End-point Security. He is also interested in Cyber security and Cyber warfare. He  is  the  chair  of  the  IFIP  working  group  on  Trust management  and  a  member  of  various  industry and  government  advisory  groups  and  forums.  Examples  include  contributions  to  ISF,  Cloud  Security Alliance  and  ENISA  (e.g.  on  Cloud  Security  Roadmaps,  Cloud  Security  Risks,  Government  use  of Cloud  Computing).    He  has  published  six  books,  two  special  editions  of  international  journals,  and authored proceedings. He holds a PhD on from Imperial College London.