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Prof. Audun Jøsang, Norway

Dr. Audun Jøsang is professor at the department of Informatics at the University of Oslo. Prior to that he was Associate Professor at QUT in Brisbane, research leader of the Security Unit at DSTC in Brisbane, he worked  in  the  telecommunications  industry  for  Alcatel  in  Belgium  and  for  Telenor  in  Norway.  He  has a Master's in Infromation Security form Royal Holloway College, University of London, and a PhD from NTNU in Norway. Prof. Jøsang has made a significant contribution to research and innovation for online trust management and for computational trust with the development of subjective logic. For example Prof. Jøsang's article "A survey of trust and reputation systems for online service provision" (2007) was recognized  by  Thomson-Reuters  ScienceWatch  as  the  world’s  most  cited  article  in  technology  in  the time window 2006-2010 (cited 1000+ times). Prof. Jøsang also conducts research i the area of identity and access management, security usability and network security.